"Van Leeuwen" in de familie? / "Van Leeuwen" in the family?

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Leeuwendeel is the name of our family magazine. A magazine should have been released once a year for all descendants of these two ancestors.

Cornelia Maria Meijer (1862-1921)Willebrordus Gerardus van Leeuwen (1857-1936)

Cornelia Maria Meijer(1862-1921) and Willebrordus Gerardus van Leeuwen (1857-1936)


But unfortunately the lack motivation and time to do it every year. Fortunately, there are a few copies appeared.

However, there is the motivation to set up a website. At this website are coming the interesting articles from our small magazines.

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Anna Maria van der Bijl
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Birth:   4 Dec 1864 in Voorschoten 
Death:   3 Mar 1936 in Delft 
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Jakobus Cornelius SluisDetails 21 Jul 1861 4 Dec 1936 
Marriage:   3 Mar 1936 in Delft 
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Adriana Johanna Maria SluisDetails C4 Mar 1888 9 Dec 1975 
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