"Van Leeuwen" in de familie? / "Van Leeuwen" in the family?

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Leeuwendeel is the name of our family magazine. A magazine should have been released once a year for all descendants of these two ancestors.

Cornelia Maria Meijer (1862-1921)Willebrordus Gerardus van Leeuwen (1857-1936)

Cornelia Maria Meijer(1862-1921) and Willebrordus Gerardus van Leeuwen (1857-1936)


But unfortunately the lack motivation and time to do it every year. Fortunately, there are a few copies appeared.

However, there is the motivation to set up a website. At this website are coming the interesting articles from our small magazines.

Family Tree-impostor


When Leeuwendeel 2005 was being create, suddenly were published letters of Mr. William Pince van der Aa. He makes clear in his letter that he has your family tree in book form, he can send it to you.

However, when you are on goes and if there is something sent to you, this appears to be simply trash. It supplied arms has nothing to do with the family and the surviving family members would simply be no family, because he seems to get the information from the phone book. The family tree isn't true in many cases.

Also some of our family members had gotten this letter. When it became clear that this was a impostor, they were angry and would like to see that a process would follow about this impostor. Well, this last one is tried many times. Often he avoid, by all kinds of mistakes, a penalty. He was also active abroad.


On 10 February 2005 was in the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper an article with the headline: "Belgium wants in jail a family tree-impostor." It stated that the Public Prosecutor in Antwerp one year in prison, a fine of € 5000,-- and a trade ban for five years has claimed against this man. In 2004 this was pronounced by a criminal court.


Over 800 Belgians had registered and requirements in total € 53,000,-- In the Netherlands about 40 declarations against him.


As you see that family tree-imposters are addressed.


But recently showed that W.L.J.J. Pince van der Aa here did not really learn. He has changed his trade in a French version, 'Fondation Fondation Généalogique et Héraldique' practices and has shifted to France now.


This foundation gave people a book about their "fascinating family history", complete with family arms and when they would order three copies they received a wall with family tree.


The French version is much like the letter earlier in Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands under various trade names by him was dispersed. In the letter he mentions a delivery address in France and a postal address in Rotterdam. This address is the same as that of the Foundation Genealogy Netherlands.

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